Wednesday 5 October 2016

Best way to make your Sunday afternoons better

The best way to be happy is to read to your kids in the Sunday afternoons

“It’s Sunday, I will watch TV and will also do something productive”.

Unfortunately, the first thing becomes a habit and the second never sees the light of day on a Sunday.

The moment you are done with your lunch you get jammed in your couch, watch television for 4 hours and then deep dive into the pleasant world of sleep.

A thought would pop in your mind now, “Well, I have worked very hard the whole week and it is the time to relax doing nothing”.

Actually, this relaxation manifests into procrastination gradually and procrastination becomes your second nature.

Afternoons seem to be very long and ineffective when you are procrastinating.
Changing the channels of the TV for hours when no programme seems to be of any interest to you is also a form of procrastination.

Don't let this time slip from your hands which can be effectively used to enhance the quality of your life. 

An important question

After your lunch is over on Sunday, ask yourself a question “Have I been productive on Sundays, I promised myself to be once?” If the answer is ‘Yes’ I suggest you read no further.

It is a bitter truth that every Monday morning one feels awful. A small proportion of this obnoxious feeling consists of the regret that we couldn’t do anything productive over the weekend.

Everybody likes to be efficient in his or her work. Today the world is just not limited to doing the job properly, besides doing your job you have to be creative and innovative at your work.

There is an activity which, if performed, can change the course of your Sunday afternoons, make you more creative, create a cheerful disposition  and make you more amiable than you are currently.


Tap your mind’s potential every Sunday afternoon by reading books. I assure you reading books is one of the best ways to become happy.

Read to your Kids

A very refreshing form of reading is reading books to your kids for about 30-45 minutes and thus, what can be better than doing the same in the sunny afternoons of Sundays.

So, make sure to buy some good story books for your children from your favorite book store this week and prepare yourself to read to them this Sunday afternoon.

This may instill a habit of reading in the kids and an early habit of reading can help your children think beyond the current course. Children become more creative and innovative, exhibit advanced skills if they are habitual to reading during the early years of growth.

Pick your own genre 

Initially, reading the book may produce a soporific effect and may push you for an afternoon nap but do not give up; therefore,  it is essential to pick up a book of the genre of your choice.

Read a lovely novel - A love story, a crime thriller, mystery or simple story but keep in mind it should be so intriguing that watching a non-productive program may look very tiny compared to it.

Read self help books – Few things which we overlook in our life can be reminded to us in these books. These books teach nothing new but the minor details of life which we do not pay attention to. By reading these books you can realize that finding happiness in life is such an easy task.

Here are a few recommendations of self help books – 
  • Mega living – Robin Sharma 
  • Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill 
  • The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin  
  • A Monk who sold his Ferrari – Robin Sharma

Read cookbooks and be a chef. You can find the nicest pleasure by cooking something new for your family on a Sunday afternoon and where you get the recipe? Cookbooks !!
Well, it is often said that sometimes cooking a good recipe is tantamount to finding happiness within yourself.

Read Magazines you love. You are crazy about cars but are only limited to watching images on Internet. Increase your knowledge by picking up a famous car magazine. Believe me, in no time you will end up reading every article of it.

Give reading a shot by grabbing a copy of your favorite book.

You can get books at a very low price from any online used books store in case,initially, you are not interested in putting money in new books. 

Kill the Myth

There is a myth among people, who do not read, that reading books make afternoons boring.

Books are not boring they are a great source of entertainment. Try and capture the meaning, a book wants to convey; reading a book can fill your afternoons with joy and peace and is the best way to be happy.

In the beginning, you might feel reading is not your cup of tea but do not give up , hang in there for two to three weeks and the results will start coming into picture.

Monday will not be filled with regret but with a pleasant feeling of reading something good to your children or reading something new the last afternoon. Books leverage your effort to be focused and creative.

To conclude, I would like to mention a very interesting scientific fact. “If a person continues to read in his field of work for 7 years he becomes an international expert.” Don’t you think this is something worth to be given a thought over?
Moreover, do you get the message of what can bring happiness in your life ?

HaPPy ReADiNg !!

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