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7 Tricks to remember the things read from books & articles which one normally forgets

Sometimes during reading a book, we happen to learn a thing interesting enough to feel confident. But we slowly tend to forget it after we have finished reading the book. We brood over this problem a hundred times in our life which entails frustration.
People of every age group face the question - How to preserve the information read from books in the mind forever?
Students face this problem irrespective of the field they pursue. Normally, they complain of forgetting the details of a topic they read lately in their textbooks even after going through it a couple of times. Sometimes, it involves very important stuff which needs to be remembered.
Grownups learn some intriguing content from a blog article or a good self-help book and over a period of time they seem to lose it.
Whether you are an engineer or an analyst you face issues of remembering the details of your project or find it difficult to remember the numbers. When we face such problems in keeping our memory intact it puts a big question mark on our brain and leads to moments of annoyance.
I am no memory expert but it has been proved that with a little bit of classification of information and proactiveness we can preserve information in memory for a very long time.  

Following are 7 tricks which, if followed, will definitely help in long storage of meaningful content in your mind -

1. Sticky NotesYou must have been familiar with this technique for always. You can preserve information in a very short form in the sticky notes. You need to ensure that the information stored is not vague and is precise and clear.
An important thing to note here is where you stick your sticky notes and when to look at them. Most people make use of sticky notes but fail to even catch a glimpse of them; this is where you can get an edge over others.
Looking at the information noted in the sticky notes on Thursday/Friday/Saturday mornings will definitely help, why? The reason is your mind will be looking forward to the weekends. :)

2. Knowledge IndexI am not against building a web directory of information or noting all the important content in a notebook. However, I am going a bit different here with maintaining a diary; don’t think I tell you to write important information or a paragraph of an article you find interesting in it, however, I exhort you to use this diary to create your own indexes.
Start with 3-5 words to describe the info and write the page number of the book or the address of the website, where you found it, in front of it. Maintaining this diary is going to do the work of integrating the pointers to information in one repository. Revisiting the information using it will map your mind with the index you created and you will end up remembering the information for a long time.
3. Implementation – Well, if cooking is your hobby then you must know that how making a recipe - read from good Cookbooks - couple of times help you remember it every time in the future. This is the magic of implementation. 
If you are fond of self help books you can bring a big change in your life by implementing the lessons mentioned in the books and believe me, this is the best way to remember.
Practical implementation is very important. It helps you to assimilate the essence of information or lessons you get to read from books.
As an example, Science is there in everything around us and also inside us, hence, science students can definitely find most of the topics inside their books around them, they just have to stretch their thinking a bit to relate the lessons from their academic books with them. Believe me the results will be very positive.
Please be selective with your topics in implementing them, you are wise enough to comprehend what to consider for practical implementation.

4. Non-productive time – Pay attention to your non-productive time and use it to run through the information in your mind.

Your non-productive time can be when you wash clothes or when you wait in the queue at a retail store, when you take a ride in cab or even when you feel lazy to get up from the bed in winters.
Start a mental discussion. You may face problems in the beginning but do not desist from continuing the discussion. Mind is very powerful, it will quickly start relating the stuff with each other and this way you can form your own network of information in your own non productive time.

5. Infographics – With the continuing evolution of technology, it is now possible to create an infographic much faster. As we all are aware of the fact that mind responds more to the visual content, this is one of the best ways to grasp and remember the information read from a good book or a wonderfully-written article.
This will surely develop one more skill of summarizing and transforming the information into graphics for you.
An infographic can be very sophisticated or as simple as a drawing by hand, it’s your choice. People who would not make use of software can simply draw it portraying the information graphically.

6. Teaching – By teaching I don’t ask you to take a professor’s job in a college. When you read something good from a book or a blog, try to impart the wisdom and information gained to others but please be absolutely selective of people you are going to discuss the information with, as sharing it with the ‘not so interested’ people  may lead to creation of a pretentious and presumptuous image of yours.
If at all you are unable to find people to discuss the information with, then start writing a journal or a blog. Writing information or lessons learnt in a journal is not a far cry from sharing it with people, hence, do not get discouraged.

7. Your own voice is boon – Most people mention ‘listening music’ as their hobby in their resumes and that is how they happen to remember a lot of music stuff from tip to toe.
You must have understood by now where I am going with this, yes, recording your voice, while reading something important, in your smart phone makes an audio knowledge bank in your smart phone. If auditory learning suits you then this approach will help you boost up your memory in miraculous ways and preserve information like forever.
You can hear these audio records while riding bike, driving your car or even when you are waiting in a long line of ATM hoping to withdraw money :)

With this we come to the end of this post. Hope you enjoyed it!!
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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

23 books which the 6 influential people of the world took inspiration from

There is a very interesting saying “If you want to judge a man’s character just look at the type of books he reads”.

If we apply the methods of reverse engineering here, then we get to know the books read by people of the strongest character possible, the influential people of the world, therefore, this blog post throws light on some of the priceless, invaluable jewels born on this planet whose legend is par excellence.

Shahid Bhagat Singh

Books played a vital role in the life of Bhagat Singh

Almost every Indian is a big fan of Bhagat Singh. There are not enough words in any language which can complete the introduction of Bhagat Singh. 

He is considered as one of the greatest freedom fighter of Indian Independence. The life history of Bhagat Singh is truly an inspiration for youths.

Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev embraced martyrdom at a young age of 23 fighting for their motherland. This sacrifice made by them is truly incomparable. 

Bhagat Singh's contribution in independence is enormous and will be remembered for centuries to come; just a little mention of him is enough to generate a blood rush in our veins and fill our hearts with patriotism.

Besides being an independence revolutionist and a socialist, he was a very well read and learned person. He read books during his school years and the number grew bigger and bigger with time.

Few of his revolutionary co-prisoners apprised that this number went in hundreds when he was in the prison. It is believed that he would carry complete political history in his pockets.

According to the data on the internet, he read a lot of political novels; while reading novels he would put himself in the shoes of the characters and would laugh and weep with them.  

He didn’t let his love for the books go till the day of his execution when he was reading Vladimir Lenin’s ‘State & Revolution’ however, could only finish a few pages.

Below is a mention of 3 books from those he read during his lifetime -

  • Vladimir Lenin’s ‘State & Revolution’
  • Swadhinta ke Pujari
  • Rashtri Sandesh

APJ Abdul Kalam

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam took inspiration from books

Aerospace scientist, Bharat ratna, Missile man, 11th president of India are some of the words which suggest the identity of Late. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. 

Well, a reality check suggests that these are very less to describe this unprecedented, incredible inspiring person. 

Besides playing major roles in various projects of DRDO and ISRO, he has propounded his ideas and genius to the world in the form of many books, however, he has been described a ‘bookworm’ too and as per the data on the internet he himself took inspiration from many phenomenal books. 

Listed down are the books read by APJ Abdul Kalam -

  • Thirukkural by Thiruvallur
  • Light from many Lamps: A treasury of Inspiration - Lillian
  • Empires of the mind:Lessons to lead and succeed in a knowledge based world
  • Everyday Greatness  by Stephen R Covey
Also, it would be unfair to switch to the next influential leader unless I list down few of the great books by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam -

1. Wings of Fire, 
2. Ignited Minds, 
3. India 2020,
4. Target 3 billion,
5. Indomitable Spirit
6. Thoughts for Change: We can do it
7. The Luminous Sparks


Swami Vivekananda read Encyclopedia Britannica

Narendranath datta better known as ‘Swami Vivekananda’ showed the world that through practice, concentration, and continence a human being can read one book per day. This is actually true; Swami Vivekananda was a voracious reader and had the ability to finish a book in a very short amount of time.

Swami Vivekananda was an extraordinary man and spent much of his time reading books.

The words said by Swami Vivekananda in the world's parliament of religion held in Chicago in 1893 exemplify the extraordin
ary charisma and splendid oratory skills he possessed.

Many lessons can be taken from Swami Vivekananda's life. The philosophy of Swami Vivekananda had a divine touch which attracted several followers from different countries and perhaps the number of followers from foreign countries outnumbered the followers of him from India.

A lot of books have been written on Swami Vivekananda's life but what arouses my curiosity is to know which books did he read.

He read around ten volumes of Encyclopaedia Britannica, considered very difficult to finish in one lifetime.

He was also fond of the work of David Hume and it is said, that he was very much fond of Bhagvadgita.

Some of the books which he read include –
  • Bhagavad-Gita,
  • Imitation of Christ
  •  Aristotle.
  • Three essays on Religion – John Stuart Mill
  • Pickwik papers – Charles Dickens

Many of his teachings, his letters and his life's events have been mentioned in the book ' Swami Vivekananda - the living vedanta' by chaturvedi badrinath.

Che Guevara
One of Che guevara favorite books is 'Mein Kempf'

We have seen the face of this iconic figure imprinted on T-shirts worn by the people in India. Such is the heroic charm of this great revolutionary commandant of the guerrilla war fare.

Che Guevara along with Fidel Castro led the Cuban movement and overthrew the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista in 1958.

However, the journey from a medical student to a legendary revolutionary is attributed to the trip of Latin America in his early twenties and the love for books. His love for books is highly evident from the fact that he carried them on his trip which started from Argentina and ended in Venezuela. 

His journal enlisting the experiences of his Latin American trip is known as ‘The Motorcycle diaries’ to the world. 

As a teenager, he would find peace among books. Over a period of time, the choice transformed from fiction novels to books having a lot of social content. He was highly influenced by Karl Marx and believed in leftist ideology.

Following are a few Che Guevara's favorite books –
  • The communist Manifesto by Karl Marx
  •  Mein Kempf
  • Short History of the World by H.G. Wells, and Bertrand Russell's Old and New Sexual Morality
  • The Discovery of India by Jawaharlal Nehru

Martin Luther King Jr.

Books played an important role in Martin Luther King Jr's life

Martin Luther King Jr's childhood life is highlighted by the depression he had to go through by the racial incidents happened to his family but who had thought that this man will lead the African American civil rights movement?

Greatly influenced by the work of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. even visited India in 1959 to gain more insights of the non-violent approach followed by Mahatma himself in the freedom struggle. 

Martin Luther king Jr. totally stuck to the non-violence ideology and committed himself to the upliftment of the African Americans of the United States. 

Dr Martin Luther king Jr's role in civil rights movement was of a strong leader who aroused the native African Americans to ask for their rights using non-violence methodology. 

He appealed to them to not react to any aggressive assaults made by the whites to which they followed happily. Such was the power of this influential person. 

He was a man of very dynamic personality.Who knew that the civil rights movement which started from Montgomery bus boycott would arouse masses in America. 

Dr Martin Luther King Jr was jailed and beaten several times for the fire he started in the hearts of the people but since he was a very strong person at heart he never backed down.

He was an avid reader and is considered as one of the best public orators of the world.

Here are a few books read by Dr Martin Luther King Jr –
  • Civil disobedience by Henry David Thoreau
  • The Bible
  • Republic by Plato
  • Politics by Aristotle

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was in prison for 27 years and read Shakespeare

The story of Nelson Mandela's life exemplifies the highest mental strength and patience one can ever have on this planet.

Nelson Mandela's long way to freedom of the world from apartheid is characterized by several ups and downs. Only a true leader could survive such a tough path and this makes him an influential leader of the world.

For his struggle against apartheid, he was put into the prison in Robben Islands for 27 years. Nelson Mandela's long way to freedom is marked by several struggles 

He is one of the only two non-Indians to receive Bharat Ratna.

Madiba, as a leader of the anti-apartheid movement was inspired by books to reinforce his thoughts in his long struggle against racism.

He spent most of the time reading ‘The complete works of Shakespeare’ in the prison. 

As per a report from CNN, this book was smuggled in the prison hidden within Diwali gift cards depicting Goddess Lakshmi. It is believed that this book gave him strength to survive in the prison and evolve as leader.

Below are a few books from his collection -
  • "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu
  • "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare" by William Shakespeare
  • "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy

To conclude I must say that these leaders through their work have set an example for all of us.

Their work have changed the course of history and inspired millions to believe in heavy words such as strong will, patience, enthusiasm and determination and yes, you can’t deny the role of books in their life.   

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Thursday, 10 November 2016

6 books you must read to see a change in your life in just 30 days

6 books you must read to see a change in life

Once upon a time, there was a very wealthy merchant who had four wives. 

Out of all four, his most favourite was the fourth wife. He would take no time in fulfilling any wish of hers and adorned her with expensive jewels.

His next favourite was the third wife followed by the second; however he would not care at all for his first wife. On the contrary, the first wife loved him the most.

Over the course of time, the merchant developed a terminal illness and was on his death bed when he called all his wives. He made them a request to accompany him to the other world, he would reach, after he dies.

The fourth wife rejected the request bluntly and went away.

The third wife also rejected him and insinuated that she would move on after he was dead.

The second wife, being a little gracious, offered him to accompany only till the grave.

The merchant became dejected with the misery and felt his mind would implode because of the agony.

To his surprise, the first wife, who had become skeletally thin by now, offered to accompany him to the other world. Her gesture led the merchant reach a point of extreme regret about the fact that he didn’t take care of her at all.

Do you know who those four wives were?

4.  Body
3.  Wealth
2.  Family
1.  Soul
I hope by now you have understood the moral of the story.

We spend the whole life paying our entire attention to body, wealth and family but hardly turn the head towards our soul, the inner self.

Taking care of the soul, nurturing it is as important as pursuing the first 3 elements. With a degree of candour, I say I am no master of it. However, we all can give it a shot by taking lessons from a few influential thinkers and authors of this world through the medium of self-improvement books.

Here is a list of 6 books which, if read till the last page, will definitely intrigue you to bring a positive change in your life -

I will bring the positive change

    1..  BHAGVADGITA - The solutions of your enormous problems, daily issues, petty frustrations and all the problems that exist on this earth are there in this book. 

Believe me, if you read it with an open mind you will definitely relate your problems with the challenges Arjuna encountered in the battle. 

Bhagvadgita has even inspired many leaders of Indian Independence.

Tap the potential of mind by reading books

 2.    Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon hill
This book always appears in the list of the best self-help books. 

It teaches you how your own thoughts can help you to materialize your dream, how important it is to take care of your thoughts and the magic they do if nurtured properly. 

This book does the task of instilling right attitude in its readers. You will surely be filled with a positive energy after reading this book.

3. Mega living - Robin Sharma
If negative thoughts often come in your mind then this book is a must read .It will teach you how to guard your mind against the negative thoughts and convert them into positive. It shows how few often ignored habits can turn your life on the road to bliss.  

4. Make yourself unforgettable - Dale Carnegie

If you want to become a person possessing stupendous charisma and class then go for this book.  It explains the real meaning of ‘class’ and goes deep in order to eliminate the myth that only rich and wealthy are classy people.

Well, happy to share an important lesson of this book ‘stop bitching behind anyone’s back’. Tough one to implement, right?

Read : 6 ways to effectively use time at places you get bored

Make your will stronger by reading books

 5. Be rich & happy - Robert Kiyosaki

After reading this book you will realize the grand need to subvert the current education system which has forgotten the meaning of ‘education’ and is totally based on grades. 

If you were a student who fell prey to this system then you’ll surely relate yourself with this book.  

It inculcates a spirit to get up on being knocked down by life and use it to be RICH.
Build your personality so that people get attracted towards you

      6. Who will cry when you die? - Robin Sharma
Life lessons in small 101 chapters. It is really a treat to read. This book will teach you the minor details a person tends to ignore due to the fast pace of life necessary to achieve success and attain bliss.

If you don’t have interest in self-improvement books then reading one can be a bit challenging but, as we all know, good things come at a cost, hence, why not give it a shot and become responsible for bringing a positive change in your life?

With this we come to the end of this post .I will also insist you to take a sneak peek in our online used book store by means of which you can buy books directly from the readers around you and post ADs of your own used books to sell them to other readers. 

Hope you enjoyed this post!!

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