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8 Steps to rapidly develop a long lasting reading habit

read books; develop reading habit rapidly

I am glad you are giving your precious time right now to this post and I presume that you are very much interested in developing the precious habit of reading, therefore I hope this post provide solution to your problem and justice to your time.
Before jumping straight on the topic I would like you to take a deep breath and pay attention to the questions listed below -
Q. Has it happened to you that you have taken a New Year resolution to develop a reading habit and couldn’t abide by it?
Q. Do you feel bad about wasting time every day which you must have dedicated to reading books?
Q. Had you made up your mind to read last weekend but ended up watching a ton of movies?
Q. Or you don’t simply have a hobby and want to develop reading books as the main hobby?

If the answer of all these questions is ‘Yes’ then you are completely normal and are on the way of developing a reading habit and be a voracious reader. Although, you just need a little push!
To develop a reading habit you must first understand the basic issues which hinder you from reading consistently.

         1.       You get bored at the first page only.
         2.      You get your first yawn once you flip a couple of pages.
         3.      Your reading time is taken over by the telecast of your favourite movie on the television.
         4.      You simply procrastinate because you think that you will read tomorrow.
         5.      Or you don’t read because of numerous other reasons

So, if you face or have faced such obstructions then DO NOT WORRY!
This post will not only tell you how to develop a reading habit but the places you can use to make reading a big part of your life.
By going through these simple tips and, of course, following them you will be associating books and lots of knowledge to yourself.
      However, doesn’t matter how simple these tips are to implement but do remember that you are the one who will implement them; so I insist you to preserve your enthusiasm for the time span mentioned in the tips below.

·         (Day 1) Your Sleeping time - Pick Up the novel of Sherlock Holmes or any Ruskin bond book on day 1. It is mandatory that you consider a book in which the total number of pages does not exceed 200-220.

On the first day, you do not have to take out a specific time from your schedule in order to read the book.

When you wake up in the morning, you obviously take some time in coming out of the bed because of the after-sleep effect that engulfs the body and the mind. You need to make use of this time and begin reading the page 1 of the book. Keep reading and do not stop until 5 minutes are over.
You will have to stay true to yourself i.e. don’t distract for 5 minutes and after the time is over don’t think about reading at all.

"A capacity, and taste, for reading gives access to whatever has already been discovered by others" - Abraham Lincoln

·         (Day 2) Now, you will already be a day old in the world of reading, moving ahead step by step. It is the time for you to go in your balcony. Do not worry if your house does not have a balcony, just go by the window and pick up the same book, open the page bookmarked on day 1 and start reading again.

Do not stop reading until 10 minutes are over then close the book and do not think about the book or reading anymore.

"How well he's read, to reason against reading" - William Shakespeare

·         (Day 3) On day 3 you will realize that your mind has already formed a relationship with the book, but do not get carried away and restrict your reading to only 12 minutes.

I suggest, on day3, your luxurious sofa with super-soft cushions will be an ideal place to sit, relax and read for 12 minutes.

"Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great" - APJ Abdul Kalam

·         (Day 4)  Day 4 is the day to push your momentum up, therefore, increase your reading time to 18 minutes; it is an increment of 6 minutes but since you are already halfway so it will be a piece of cake for you.

The terrace might be a good place for performing the reading activity on day 4. However, beware of not looking elsewhere but in the book only.

Keep in mind that most people give up reading on day 4, why?

The answer is they become complacent about their success on the last 3 days.

"Books are only made so that they may point the way to a higher life; but no good results unless the path is trodden with unflinching steps" - Swami Vivekananda

·         (Day 5) Since you geared yourself up on day 4 it’s the time for you to relax because too much of everything is not at all good.

So, on day 5, you need to add 2 more minutes to your reading time and make it 20 minutes overall.

Please do note that you have to continue reading the same book during implementing these tips.

(The reason I mentioned the note above is because before publishing this post I gave it to a wise friend of mine for reading and he proved his wisdom by picking up 5 different books on 5 days. His action hit my head like a bazooka!)

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing" - Benjamin Franklin

·         (Day 6) I guarantee that you will feel really content on day 6 and it will be your time to rev the engine up and drag the reading time up to 25 minutes.

You will notice that reading the book will be a piece of cake for you now. You deserve a cake too today hence reading your book while eating your favourite pastry will add sweetness to your reading practice.

"Coming into contact with a good book and possessing it, is indeed an everlasting enrichment." - APJ Abdul Kalam

·         (Day 7) You need to do nothing special on day 7; it will be following day 6 again i.e. reading for 25 minutes but on day 7 make sure to sit in a chair and do it because it is said that a good and comfortable chair is the best place where the mind grasps quickly from the book.

     "Read 500 pages every day. That's how knowledge works. It builds up like compound interest" - Warren Buffet

·         (Day 8) Day 8 carries the most essential tip but before proceeding with reading promise yourself not to give up here.

             You will already be finished with one cycle of reading by Day 8 and therefore you                    need to perform 2 more of these 7 days cycles. Once you stay consistent you will feel              content to see the number of pages you have finished in this process of developing                  the reading habit.

            The reason I am telling you to perform 2 more cycles is because every good habit                   takes 21 days to complete and come into role. This habit will stick to you for life if                   carried on for 21 days.

build a reading habit in just 8 days by reading for a few minutes

Wrap Up

Reading books can have a perennial positive effect on your brain; you will be able to grasp things quickly and bail yourself out of the petty problems that have bothered you hitherto.

Students looking out for a job often face problems of mentioning hobbies in their curriculum vitae. If you are a student and are going through this problem then this is your chance to add a good & ever-appreciated hobby to your resume.
People often say that they tried a lot but couldn’t succeed in reading books. But let bygones be bygones.

At present, you must give these 8 steps a shot and I assure you that you will see a big progress in your reading habit.
However, do keep in mind that these steps will accomplish last 90% of your task, but the first 10% will be covered by your commitment to develop a good reading habit.

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12 steps to help you read and study when you get distracted easily

how to kill distraction and procrastination and study

“When I begin reading a book of my academic syllabus, within 40 seconds I find myself distracted. Somehow, if I sustain to read for another 5 minutes I find myself procrastinating on Social Media Network watching the photos that my friends recently uploaded.”

Well, do you feel this is a familiar thing? 

Does it often happen to you that when you start reading a book you lose focus in a first couple of lines?  Or simply you start procrastinating by seeing photos of your last vacation on your laptop or use your phone to take photos of the running ceiling fan or your slippers?

First of all let me tell you that it happens with several people so you are not facing this issue alone.

And in case you feel that you lack motivation to read or study, then sorry to say you are wrong!

Why? You are reading this post to solve your problem that means you are motivated enough to read/study but are just facing a hurdle which is creating complications.

Let me also tell you that if you are seeking solution to this problem then you will have to be extremely patient with the steps mentioned. In other words, you will just have to give some time to the solution to take effect.

The first few steps will help you condition your mind with the right attitude. The rest are practical steps which you can follow to study by avoiding distraction and procrastination. 

So, are you ready?

#1 First develop an Immovable attitude

Take a look at this picture. This is a picture of the Easter Island which is approx.. 3700 kms kilometres from Chile (South America).

These are 887 monumental statues which have been standing since 700 or 800 AD on this island.

Think about the forces which have tried to damage these stones in the past 6 centuries, for example lightning, storms, rains or even some of the pirates who would have tried to rob them but they are standing intact deeply rooted in the ground, totally immovable.

easter island - be immovable develop a mental attitude

All you have to take from this Easter island thing is the immovability in the face of problems.

This is the first step or I might say it covers 50% of the solution to your problem. Practically speaking, don’t get frustrated the next time you get distracted, don’t complain about it to yourself, and don’t get this feeling that it cannot be achieved by you.

Instead, think “I will overcome this problem if I am consistent with my solution”. Adapt this technique and see the magic within 15 days.

#2. Picture your mind

The image on the right shows the state of your mind which tend to get distracted.

Your composure gets scattered like the red dots in the image because your mind is not conditioned to read and somewhere within you are intimidated that nothing works out when the book is in my hand.

Now after following the tips in this post you can gradually bring your composure to something displayed in images below.

And, when you hang in there and repeat these steps for some time, you will achieve full composure displayed in image 3.

The reason I have put these 3 images here is the next time you feel that you easily get distracted, try to map your mind with these images and you will feel a sense of strength inside you. 

Gather your composure collect yourself

State of Mind when you are trying to focus

A full composed mind

#3. Run buddy Run !

When my friend broke up with his girlfriend he had a hard time, he tried to motivate himself several times but all his efforts went in vain.

Finally, He ended up in a therapy session where he was told by a renowned therapist to run for at least 30 minutes whenever he gets that dark feeling of break-up again in his head.

He did it for 15 days and started seeing results. His running was helping him in 2 ways
                  (i). Allowing him to focus                                (ii) Bringing him sound sleep

The message here is that running or any exercise which requires a lot of physical activity helps your mind concentrate and concentration is a thing which if nurtured carefully and properly will do wonders to you.

For reading, distraction will have no place in your life if your focus is strong and this is a way to strengthen it.
Running is an activity that will help you to concentrate

#4.  I cannot read because I simply find it uninteresting

Around 80% of the students like math simply because they find it interesting.                 

When it comes to history or social studies, the reaction of most of the students or people is ‘I don’t have any interest in history’ hence I hate to read it.

Well, this is the only problem why you find it uninteresting because you haven’t thrown your heart to it. Have you ever wondered why there are subjects covering several areas like social, math, science, language in the academic curriculum?

It is for your mind’s overall development which is necessary to grow doesn’t matter how old you are.

Reading about different areas grows your mind and helps you sow a seed of knowledge in your subconscious mind.
One example would be of a very dear friend of mine who was the captain of his football team and was an excellent player but somehow his team kept losing because of the absence of a fine strategy.

One day he was teaching his younger brother the chapter on Battle of Plassey and while reading it himself, a strategy struck to him which was originally applied centuries back in the battle.

The next day he applied the same strategy in the game and it worked. He was filled with joy because his team won after several days of losing.

The bottom line is correcting the mental attitude. Every field is important. You cannot give up on a book simply because you find it really uninteresting because whatever you read is going to help you some way or the other in the future.

#5. Start Early

begin early, make little effort from the first day itself

One reason for getting distracted easily is the hugeness of the task. Like, reading several pages of the book or memorizing several topics within a specified timeline.

Obviously, the mind will tend to divert when it gets to know that you have to read and assimilate 10 topics within 3 hours, hence, a good technique is to start early and start slow.

On the first day, start with 1 topic or 1 page of the book; keep reading 1 page a day for another 4-5 days and then increase it to 2 pages or 2 topics a day and continue in the same manner.

This technique is going to condition your mind to read more by increasing its reading potential gradually and then the chances of getting distracted will reduce drastically.

#6. Maintain Logs

Buy a pocket diary; keep it close to yourself when you are reading and every time you get distracted write the reason of your distraction.

A majority of the problems can be solved by just being aware of the reasons. Check what the reasons are and if you can eliminate them completely.

Use logs to note down what is distracting you

For example, if it is as simple as getting distracted by noises outside when you are reading by the window then simply change your place of reading/studying.

Therefore, note down the reasons of your distractions and the next day if you get distracted make sure that you are not getting distracted by the same reasons.

#7. Write like Ruskin Bond

When you are starting early as mentioned in step#5 then I believe you would be having ample amount of time to write what you read.

Writing down what you are reading is surely going to develop your concentration plus it is also going to expand your mind.

Just make sure that you write what you read in your own words; doing it is definitely going to enhance your skills of explanation and expression.

It is going to open the pores of mind from which words will come out which in turn will better your communication skills.

Also, writing is one of the effective tips to remember what you read and study from books for a long long time.

Writing is the best way to learn what you read

#8. Why Don't I record myself ? 

After a few days it is the time to take a break from reading. With the evolution of technology, it has become very easy to record your voice in your smartphone or any other device.

Few people who do not enjoy reading prefer to take the lessons from audio books. Hence, make your phone a type of audio book by recording important concepts in your own voice.

In your free time or when you are driving, just put your earphones on and start listening to these concepts.

First of all, listening to your own voice would be fun and second the mind is going to remember the concepts forever. It is just like remembering a song when you hear it over and over.

The Audio is a bridge between your mind and reading with no place for distraction and procrastination. 


Record your voice and listen to yourself illustrating important concepts

#9. I love to act in front of the camera

Just like Audio, there is another bridge which you can build between reading the book and your mind. It is called Video.

Mind is more receptive to video than audio. If you can record yourself reading a page or a topic you are studying just like a news anchor then there are more chances of your mind grabbing the content quickly than audio or direct reading from the book.

Record yourself and teach yourself what you read

But this should be done only at times when you need to change the methods of learning for a while as it can consume a lot of your time. 

#10. Subdue the enemies which cause distraction

You would have already caught your enemies I am going to mention here in the maintain logs section.

However, if haven’t yet then I must tell you that Social Media and the smart phones are the two biggest distractions that the parents have been complaining about lately.

Though, some people can manage with it but if you are not one of them then you must realize that it has the power to pull you towards itself. 

You must be blaming yourself for touching the phone or opening a social media site  during your study session, but why blame yourself, when you can just lock your phone in the next room.

Remember, the farther you keep it away from yourself, the lesser will be the urge of using it when you are in the middle of reading something.

Social media,texting are the distractions when you are studying

#11. Brainstorming

You must be thinking I will ask you to get into a discussion with your friends and discuss what you read, well this is of course a method of learning but I would rather ask you to take a different approach.

Pick up your book, get into your room and lock the door. 

Imagine a round table and people sitting around it.

If you read a paragraph or a page just try to speak about it in your own words; imagine you are giving a presentation in a conference room to 10 people by reading and explaining them. 

Again, this is an effective method to concentrate in your book because there is a physical activity of speaking involved. 

This will also improve your hold on the language and you can learn a lot of stuff in a very short amount of time.

Imagine yourself speaking what you read to a group of people

#12 Go on top of the hill or in a beautiful park

After a few days it is the time to change your place for reading.

Let’s say on a holiday you can go to the woods and read or if you stay in the city try going to the city park, sit under a tree which provides enough shade and read or study.

If your town is in the hills then sitting on top of the hill with a fantastic view in front of you is also a good option.

You might get a feeling of burden to go to such places with your book but give it a shot and I am sure that you will start feeling better from inside.

Mind grasps more when it is in close to nature. Change is constant but sometimes it is fantastic.

mind grasps quickly when you read in nature
Wrap Up

Books are a person’s best friend. They just give you a lot but hardly expect anything in return (of course, the price cannot be ignored).

There is only a need to realize this fact.

To study or to read must not be a burden while it should be fun but the mind wouldn’t take it as fun simply by just reading it.

You have to keep inventing different methods and implementing them with patience to make learning fun.

Once you are acquainted with them, that’s it the task is done.

Do you feel better after reading this post? If yes, then which step did you like the most?

Also, have you grabbed a book from the used book store of https://www.bx-zone.com ,a website where you can directly buy books at great discounts from the book owner.

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6 books your child must read at an early age to develop moral values

6 books your child must start reading at an early age to become close to perfect

There is an ancient saying that a child is an impersonation of God.

In this way, the expansion of the presence of the divine in our homes depends on how we raise our kids and children.

A father’s chest swells with pride when his daughter wins the dance competition; there seems no limit to a mother’s ecstasy when her 8 year old son becomes the first prize winner in an essay writing competition.

We leave no stones unturned in giving all the things that our children deserve; even the things which we, ourselves, could not have in our childhood because of various limitations.

It is suggested to encourage children to play games which boost their creativity, their ability to build logic.

A child’s mind is best developed between the age of 5-14 and this is the time when he/she can learn a new language, a musical instrument or build any habit possible.

So, it’s necessary that as a parent we remain aware of this fact.  The best habit which we must encourage our children to adapt is the habit of reading books.

If you have not yet started reading books to kids then do it as soon as possible. There are various popular children’s story books available in the book stores which you can buy for your kids.

Reading books to your kids not only helps them develop positive and creative thoughts but also help you spend some quality time with them.

#1  PanchTantra Stories

As a kid, I spent most of my time reading comics of Chacha Chaudhary and Panchtantra which is considered to be as one of the great books for kids.

I still remember the time when my father first brought the ‘Panchantra’ book to me and told me that I must spend some time with this book and that it could become my greatest pastime. I thought of trying it as I was totally bored of changing channels of the TV in the summer afternoons.

best stories for children - The Panchtantra

Believe me, it really worked.

You would be amazed at knowing that Panchtantra comprises of stories depicting animals as the main characters. More than 2000 years ago, a wise and kind king was disheartened learning the fact that his kids had the exact opposite qualities of him. They lack the adequate wisdom and were arrogant. 

The ministers of the king appointed Pandit Vishnu Sharma for imparting wisdom to the 3 princes, who vowed to educate them in 6 months of time.

Vishnu Sharma told stories of dignity, friendship and all the other worldly matters to the princes. 
The best part was that he depicted the characters in his stories by animals and fulfilled his promise made to the king in 6 months.

These stories later compiled by Vishnu Sharma are known as the Panchtantra and I would highly recommend this book as it contains age old good stories of morals and values for kids.

#2 Tinkle

Do you know that Tinkle is the most widely circulated magazine in India?

Started in 1980 by Anant Pai, the magazine contains short stories for kids, puzzles, and quizzes. 

The magazine characters Suppandi and Shikari Shambu are widely famous and still fresh even in the minds of those who had their childhood in the 90s.

Tinkle India's most widely circulated children magazine
Tinkle is published fortnightly and offers children a treasure of knowledge in the form of its section of extraordinary facts.

There are a lot of interesting puzzles and quizzes specifically designed for young adults which play a vital role in keeping them engaged and develop young minds.

Reading stories to your kids from Tinkle can make the time spent with your children cherishing and memorable.

Although Tinkle is one of the best comics for children but it is an interesting fact that it is very popular among adults too.

#3 Tintin

Tintin was created by the cartoonist Herge (original Georges Remi) in the year 1929.

Herge portrayed Tintin as a reporter of Belgian origin who along with his dog Snowy would embark upon a new adventure in each of the 24 comic books released hitherto.

The Adventures of Tintin one of the popular children's story books

The Tintin Comics are mainly characterised by the stories of Tintin beating the Villains from executing their evil intentions for the sake of maintaining peace in the World.

The other characters in the Tintin Comics are eccentric Captain Haddock, hearing impaired Professor Calculus, and ditsy cops Thomson & Thompson.

The wit possessed by Tintin to bail himself out of the difficult situations and the quality of being brave in tough circumstances are the two things which make The Adventures of Tintin a must read for your kids.

The comic books are also full of good humour created by its characters Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus and Thomson & Thompson.

The combination of excellent look and feel, humour and the message of good beating evil makes Tintin one of the great books for kids to read.

For your reference, I am listing down all the 24 comics of Tintin published till now –

·         Tintin in the Land of the Soviets
·         Tintin in the Congo
·         Tintin in America
·         Cigars of the Pharaoh
·         The Blue Lotus
·         The Broken Ear
·         The Black Island
·         King Ottokar's Sceptre
·         The Crab with the Golden Claws
·         The Shooting Star
·         The Secret of the Unicorn
·         Red Rackham's Treasure
·         The Seven Crystal Balls
·         Prisoners of the Sun
·         Land of Black Gold
·         Destination Moon
·         Explorers on the Moon
·         The Calculus Affair
·         The Red Sea Sharks
·         Tintin in Tibet
·         The Castafiore Emerald
·         Flight 714 to Sydney
·         Tintin and the Picaros

·         Tintin and Alph-Art

#4 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book Series

recommended children's books - Diary of a wimpy Kid

The main character of this book series is Greg Heffley which is created by the American author and cartoonist Jeff Kinney.

The Diary of a wimpy Kid book series is a great fiction work by Jeff Kinney and the entire book series is filled with humour and comedy arising out of the daily adventures of Greg Heffley.

The book is best suited for teenagers as Greg Heffley has also been portrayed as a teenager who has to struggle a lot in his school due to his trouble attracting demeanour.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - popular kids story books
Your kids must read this book, especially if they are teens, because they can mirror their life with all the stuff that Greg has to go through and the trouble he gets into all the time.

This book series totally defines all the habits a normal teen has, of which he is of course not aware, like sluggish nature, bad temperament, meanness, friendship and the zeal to get popular among the school crowd. 

Everything has been portrayed in a very amusing way in this book series by Jeff Kinney.

A child can also get familiar with his relationship with his own parents and siblings by reading about Greg’s relationship with his mother, father and his younger brother.

A child can realize how much annoying it becomes for his parents when they come to know about his activities which throw him in trouble as well as create predicaments for himself.

 Here is a list of all the books in the series –

·         Diary of a Wimpy Kid
·         Rodrick Rules
·         The Last Straw
·         Dog Days
·         The Ugly Truth
·         Cabin Fever
·         The Third Wheel
·         Hard Luck
·         The Long Haul
·         Old School
·         Double Down

·         The Getaway

 #5 The Famous Five

The famous five is a 21 Novel series written by Enid Blyton. The Famous five is about five children and their dog who take up a new adventure in each book.

My first encounter with this book was in my school’s library around 16 years back. I later figured that it was the 5th book in the series ‘Five go off in a caravan’ I borrowed it, started reading it the same afternoon and found myself completely engrossed in it.

I was so much in love with the book that somehow I convinced my library teacher to lend me all the other 20 in the series too.

As a kid, when I would read the book I would always wish to be the sixth character and solve mysteries or find treasure along with the other five.

The books are all about lost treasure, criminals and how the children beat the criminals. The Famous five is a great portrayal of team work, the children put in, to solve the mysteries.

The first book in the series ‘Five on a treasure Island’ was published in 1942 and the last of them was published in 1963. However, still millions of books of this book series get sold each year which suggests that is one of the most popular children’s story books.

Here is a list of all the 21 novels in the series -

·         Five on a Treasure Island
·         Five Go Adventuring Again
·         Five Run Away Together
·         Five Go to Smuggler's Top
·         Five Go Off in a Caravan
·         Five on Kirrin Island Again
·         Five Go Off to Camp
·         Five Get into Trouble
·         Five Fall into Adventure
·         Five on a Hike Together
·         Five Have a Wonderful Time
·         Five Go Down to the Sea
·         Five Go to Mystery Moor
·         Five Have Plenty of Fun
·         Five on a Secret Trail
·         Five Go to Billycock Hill
·         Five Get into a Fix
·         Five on Finniston Farm
·         Five Go to Demon's Rocks
·         Five Have a Mystery to Solve

·         Five Are Together Again

#6. The Mahabharata 

There are several books on Mahabharata available in the shelves of many book stores but since this is an article for the kids hence I would recommend The Mahabharata written by Samhita Arne.

Samhita Arne wrote Mahabharata at the age of 12 which makes it obvious that a child’s point of view has been narrated in the book.

The teachings provided by Mahabharata are very deep. The Mahabharata imparts wisdom to stand for the truth even if it is your family standing on the other side.

good books for kids to read - The Mahabharata

The whole plot of Mahabharata has been filled with ideas, inspirations and education in some form or the other.

Moreover, the plot is very vivid and interesting. Although there are many characters in this mythological book but primarily the tale of Arjuna is fascinating and the plot where his charioteer Lord Krishna explains him to control his emotions and stay adamant for the truth even if he has to destroy his own family members one by one.

The book offers best bedtime stories for children and the message of good winning over evil and truth winning over lie because of which I consider it to be one of the most recommended children’s books.

Wrap Up

Children are the future of any country. How the future of a country will turn out totally depends on the upbringing of the children and nurture of their talent.

There is a need for the children to figure out their own talent at an early age to keep their childhood free from stress. Obviously, if a kid has interest in what he/she does he/she will definitely enjoy doing it.

Therefore, a maturity level need to be developed in the children at an early age and this maturity level can come if we help them build reading habit. Reading stories to the kids, as stated earlier when they are very young, is a very good option and can be a happy beginning of a reading habit.

It should be kept in mind that story telling should be directed towards building a reading habit but not to intimidate them about the results if they do not maintain a good behaviour.

Imagine a country full of people who are well read, sports persons who are well read; lawyers and judges who are well read and who haven’t studied just to obtain an academic degree but who really respect their jobs.

If we need to materialize this vision then it is necessary that we all start now and place good books in the hands of our children.

So, which book you are planning to buy for your children?