Wednesday 21 September 2016

How to sell books online and make money

Situation of a student

Neil is an engineering student & his semester just got over, for the first few days he hangs out with his friends, plays games on Xbox & celebrates hard. But after a few days when this rapture comes to an end, he looks at the books of last semester on the study table and a thought crosses his mind saying he doesn’t need these books anymore.

What should Neil do in such a situation?

Here are a few options-

1. Sell his used books to a scrap dealer who buys them at 25% or 30% of what they actually worth.

2. Get hold of a few junior students and try selling books to them.

3. Leave the books on the study table and let them gather dust with time. In this way, a big pile of books gets created gradually.

Increased worth of your used books

The 3 options mentioned above may not be the best for him, but,
  • What if he sells his used books to the people who are in need for them indeed?
  • What if he doesn’t have to bother finding junior students in college?
  • What if he doesn’t let his old books occupy space on the study table & use that space to keep new books?

Selling your used books to the people who need them may bring you a price up to 70-80% of the original, any day better than the price given by a scrap dealer, therefore, making you good money from your used books.

This idea forms the foundation of our website . On, you sell your used, old, second hand books to people around you. It helps you find buyers for your books in your city.  The buyer may be any person from your school, office, neighbourhood, football ground or even your residential building. If you are a student, then using bx-zone you can even sell used books online to junior students studying in different colleges of the city. Isn’t it helpful?

Eliminating the concern

Many book lovers and bibliophiles are interested in collecting rare books. They have to keep looking for those books for a long time in order to add a copy in their collection. There are students, who need to buy books for the next academic year or semester but are not interested in paying the whole price. There are beginners, who want to develop a hobby of reading but are more interested in buying a second hand book rather than a new one.

BX-Zone eases all the above concerns using its ‘used books store’. Used book store displays all the used books people want to sell, this means, a lot of books from people’s personal collections are on used book store available for sale. The bibliophiles can buy the desired books from the sellers by directly contacting them. Students can buy books from the senior students of any college in their city. The biggest advantage is that the books will be available at lower prices than the original.


Basically, there are 3 purposes of; first is providing service of helping you sell your used books online to people around you and make some decent money out of it. 

Second, help you buy books from people around you at low prices. 

Third, helping you find readers who are interested in exchanging books. It is the trade place for books where buyer directly meets seller and vice versa.

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