Thursday 10 November 2016

6 books you must read to see a change in your life in just 30 days

6 books you must read to see a change in life

Once upon a time, there was a very wealthy merchant who had four wives. 

Out of all four, his most favourite was the fourth wife. He would take no time in fulfilling any wish of hers and adorned her with expensive jewels.

His next favourite was the third wife followed by the second; however he would not care at all for his first wife. On the contrary, the first wife loved him the most.

Over the course of time, the merchant developed a terminal illness and was on his death bed when he called all his wives. He made them a request to accompany him to the other world, he would reach, after he dies.

The fourth wife rejected the request bluntly and went away.

The third wife also rejected him and insinuated that she would move on after he was dead.

The second wife, being a little gracious, offered him to accompany only till the grave.

The merchant became dejected with the misery and felt his mind would implode because of the agony.

To his surprise, the first wife, who had become skeletally thin by now, offered to accompany him to the other world. Her gesture led the merchant reach a point of extreme regret about the fact that he didn’t take care of her at all.

Do you know who those four wives were?

4.  Body
3.  Wealth
2.  Family
1.  Soul
I hope by now you have understood the moral of the story.

We spend the whole life paying our entire attention to body, wealth and family but hardly turn the head towards our soul, the inner self.

Taking care of the soul, nurturing it is as important as pursuing the first 3 elements. With a degree of candour, I say I am no master of it. However, we all can give it a shot by taking lessons from a few influential thinkers and authors of this world through the medium of self-improvement books.

Here is a list of 6 books which, if read till the last page, will definitely intrigue you to bring a positive change in your life -

I will bring the positive change

    1..  BHAGVADGITA - The solutions of your enormous problems, daily issues, petty frustrations and all the problems that exist on this earth are there in this book. 

Believe me, if you read it with an open mind you will definitely relate your problems with the challenges Arjuna encountered in the battle. 

Bhagvadgita has even inspired many leaders of Indian Independence.

Tap the potential of mind by reading books

 2.    Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon hill
This book always appears in the list of the best self-help books. 

It teaches you how your own thoughts can help you to materialize your dream, how important it is to take care of your thoughts and the magic they do if nurtured properly. 

This book does the task of instilling right attitude in its readers. You will surely be filled with a positive energy after reading this book.

3. Mega living - Robin Sharma
If negative thoughts often come in your mind then this book is a must read .It will teach you how to guard your mind against the negative thoughts and convert them into positive. It shows how few often ignored habits can turn your life on the road to bliss.  

4. Make yourself unforgettable - Dale Carnegie

If you want to become a person possessing stupendous charisma and class then go for this book.  It explains the real meaning of ‘class’ and goes deep in order to eliminate the myth that only rich and wealthy are classy people.

Well, happy to share an important lesson of this book ‘stop bitching behind anyone’s back’. Tough one to implement, right?

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Make your will stronger by reading books

 5. Be rich & happy - Robert Kiyosaki

After reading this book you will realize the grand need to subvert the current education system which has forgotten the meaning of ‘education’ and is totally based on grades. 

If you were a student who fell prey to this system then you’ll surely relate yourself with this book.  

It inculcates a spirit to get up on being knocked down by life and use it to be RICH.
Build your personality so that people get attracted towards you

      6. Who will cry when you die? - Robin Sharma
Life lessons in small 101 chapters. It is really a treat to read. This book will teach you the minor details a person tends to ignore due to the fast pace of life necessary to achieve success and attain bliss.

If you don’t have interest in self-improvement books then reading one can be a bit challenging but, as we all know, good things come at a cost, hence, why not give it a shot and become responsible for bringing a positive change in your life?

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Hope you enjoyed this post!!

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