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20 books of different genres one must read in his/her 20s to move one level up in smartness & wisdom

You must have read various articles on Internet about books belonging to a specific category such as fiction, drama, sports, biographies, business & management, self help etc. However, in this blog post I am taking a holistic approach and  listing books of different genres all together.
Moreover, it is a collection of not only high-rated books but also some good books which have not been rated to their potential.
One must read these books in their twenties in order to develop shrewdness to face one’s upcoming life of thirties and forties with prudence, therefore, sit tight for another fifteen minutes and get familiar with a very cool collection of books from different genres.

Here we proceed with our first category -
Self Help (god helps those who help themselves)
1. Tuesdays with Morrie

This is the first book I have kept in this category because I am certain that it is capable of making you fall in love with self-help books.
This book is about a student who meets his fatally sick teacher after nearly twenty years and visits him every Tuesday to take life lessons.
You might fall into tears by the time you reach the last page of this book.
2.  Mega living - Robin Sharma
If you are interested in overcoming the negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones then go for this book.  You can read this book to connect with the positive energy around you and learn to maintain a calm head.
Well, this book surely imparts great wisdom and hope; it is the best teacher you can bring home to teach you how to improve your life.
3.  Make yourself unforgettable - Dale Carnegie

By simply reading this book till the last page, one will get to know how a few petty things in human's disposition obstruct him/her to become a person of ‘Class’.
Well, the word 'class' is often taken for granted but it requires a lot of effort to develop. Moreover to be a person of 'class', you do not have to strive to develop qualities  but quit a few negative habits of yours.
4.  The Seven Habits of highly effective people - Stephen R Covey
The book will help you deal with your professional and personal problems. The author has demonstrated a few short accounts neatly and cleverly which really captivate your interest.
5.  Who will cry when you die? - Robin Sharma

The book contains lessons in 101 chapters to improve your life . I recommend this book to the people who are going through a rough patch in their life or the people who think that good always passes a great distance away from them.
By reading this book, one can know how to maintain a happy state of mind by focusing on the minor details of life which one often ignores.

(truth is stranger than fiction because fiction is obliged to stick with possibilities) 
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6. Sherlock Holmes - Sir Arthur Canon Doyle

Who doesn’t know Sherlock Holmes and his accomplice Dr. Watson? The characters created by Sir Arthur Canon Doyle. Sherlock Holmes stories become intriguing when he solves each mystery with foresight and extraordinary astuteness with the help of Dr. Watson.
This book can also be picked up by the beginner readers to strengthen their interest in reading.
Once you develop an interest in it, 221B Baker Street will be the only address on your mind.
7. The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown
A cult mystery-thriller novel by Dan brown, although, majority of the people have seen the movie The DaVinci Code, still I would say this book is a must-read. The book is about the character Robert Langdon who gets entangled into a mystery where his life as well as a thing capable of turning the world upside down is online. 
If you are in college then this book can help you spend your entire year or semester break reading.
8. Angels & Demons - Dan Brown
This mystery-thriller marks the beginning of the character of Robert Langdon. A container tantamount to a nuclear weapon gets stolen which, after 24 hours will trigger itself and leave behind a trail of destruction. Now, Robert Langdon will have to save the world by using his brilliant knowledge of symbology.
9. Inferno - Dan Brown

It is the most recent novel of Dan Brown which features his main character Robert Langdon the fourth time.
The antagonist in the book develops a virus, which if spread, is capable of affecting the population of the world. Now, Robert Langdon with his experience and knowledge of symbols has to find the virus and save the world.
The book is characterized by several twisting events and is capable of holding you spellbound till the last page.
10. The Scarecrow - Michael R Connelly
A crime reporter and an FBI agent try to catch a serial killer who is always a couple of steps ahead of them and commits crime under the nose of law enforcers.
Once you start reading this fiction piece by Michael Connelly, you won’t have to put an effort to build interest in it, the book will lure your attention from the very first page.
Fiction Drama 
(the course of true love never did run smooth)
11. The Lowland - Jhumpa Lahiri

This book tells a tale of two brothers, born a few months apart with completely different mindsets. One of them locked in his beliefs and the other being dutiful. The story takes a dramatic turn when one of them dies leaving behind his wife whose misery brings a sense of responsibility in the heart of another towards her.
12. The Kite Runner - Khalid Hosseini
This tale of an unlikely friendship between two boys in the country of Afghanistan is very endearing. If you have a friend with whom you share a very strong bond then this book will certainly touch deep in your heart.
13. The Blue Umbrella - Ruskin Bond
A humorous story of a little girl who in exchange of her pendant gets a beautiful blue umbrella due to which everyone turns envious of her especially the shopkeeper of her village.
This is a very light book and is a perfect one which you can read to your kids during bed time.


(Work till you get yourself a biography from the world)

14. Che Guevara - Richard L Harris
The biography of the Argentine leader who travelled through Latin America in his twenties and became a rebel seeing the condition of the poor in the continent; the one who dethroned the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista in Cuba along with Fidel Castro.
Know the journey of the iconic face you often see imprinted on a lot of t-shirts.
15. The Warren Buffet Way

We all know Warren buffet who made his fortune from stocks. I know one cannot be another Warren Buffet by reading this book, but,  if you are looking to create wealth through investing in stocks then this is a great read.
You surely will get to know the approach of Warren Buffet to investing, his portfolio in the peak years of success and much more.
16. Wings of Fire - APJ Abdul Kalam

This book must be read by every Indian or someone who has a vision of doing big in life. It is the autobiography of the missile man of India, a man who stands a true inspiration for every Indian. It is believed that everyone who reads this book takes something out of it.
Business & Management 
(A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business)
17. Zero to One - Peter Theil

The progress has come to a stand-still and globalization has impersonated it. Peter Thiel has beautifully delivered this message through this book.
If you have plans of starting an enterprise of your own now or many years further then you should have one copy in your collection.
18. 6 hours MBA - Louis Coutts

Get this book and take a superficial look at the basic concepts of management before diving deep into the world of entrepreneurship. Also, this book is for every professional to spread awareness about management at his/her designation level and certainly not restricted only business guys.
19. Romancing with the Balance Sheet - Anil Lamba
Whether you are an engineer, a teacher, an entrepreneur or a shopkeeper, learning basic finance not only helps the organization, you are working for, at your level but also helps you achieve personal financial growth.
 This book is not restricted to accountants or commerce students, but it should be read by every professional. The book teaches you about the basic concepts of balance sheet, Profit & Loss and also few concepts which can help you in taking personal financial decisions.
I highly recommend this book.
New Age
(Believe that the dawn is coming)
20. Target 3 Billion

India’s economy is largely dependent on agriculture and crops are cultivated in farms situated in villages; based on this fact this book analyses if the potential of the people living in villages is harnessed then India will become the world’s largest economy much faster than expected.
The analysis and the motivation provided in the book is fabulous and is surely going to captivate your attention towards the power of natural and human resources found in the rural areas.
With this we come to the end of this post. Hope you enjoyed it!!
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