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7 simple tips that will help you study by avoiding depression and exam anxiety

Many of us have been competing in this competitive world to achieve our respective milestones.

As a parent, you always want your child to do well in every stream he has set his foot in, like mathematics, dancing, singing, playing guitar, badminton etc.

When you are in a job you are always under the stress of doing well to climb up the corporate ladder.

As a student, you have the pressure of scoring well in the upcoming exams and maintaining a good reputation in the eyes of your teachers and classmates.

All this pressure when accumulated over a period of time results in academic stress, under which, the smooth flow of time seems to halt and it becomes difficult to breathe and live sometimes.

Whether you are a student or the parent of a student who is very depressed by the performance pressure to score well in the upcoming exams, this post is for you.

The solutions to the problem in this post are a result of thorough research and survey of the people who have experienced this stress in the school or university days, but despite they have been able to find their way up in life. 

This post will help you in coping exam anxiety if you are a student, doesn't matter if it is as big as  physics exam fear and if you are a parent then of course, the tips mentioned below will leadyou to help your child overcome the panic and anxiety caused especially during exam period. 

This post is also for those who wish to read or study but are a having a hard time concentrating because of the problems in their lives.

The Obstructions

When you sit with the book you don’t find the zeal to read, as the mental depression or the exam fear has shattered your self-confidence.

During this state of mind, you experience a deadlock and it seems almost impossible to come out of it. And your mind gets engulfed by all the panic and anxiety in the world.

At this moment, you might feel something like -

  • Oh my god! There are around 3 chapters remaining to be studied and each contains around 20 questions. 
  • What should I do?
  • What will my relatives think if I don’t score well in tomorrow’s exam?
  • What will my parents think?
  • Moreover, how will I stand the humiliation of scoring less among my classmates?
  • When I open the book, I can’t even read the first sentence because my mind doesn’t allow me to.

If you feel all of them then certainly your confidence has sunk to the lowest level. 

Well, there is nothing wrong when you feel such things because the tendency of human mind is always negative.

I wish if this happens..

Nobody wants to stay in problems. Everyone wants to get rid of their problems hence when you are depressed by test anxiety or by depression caused due to exam anxiety you would

  • Wish to get an instant relief.
  • Want your exam to get cancelled the next day.
  • Wish that an angel drops from the sky and saves you..

Well, there is nothing wrong if you think such because the fact is you care for yourself, your parents and above all your reputation, probably way more than others.

These are obviously good signs and you are on your way up the ladder of life

The only thing that can heal you at this time is the TIME. You will only be relieved once the exam, for which you are upset now, is over.

But, it can’t be determined whether you will be happy, satisfied or sad once it is over.

#1 The First Step towards killing the Fear

Therefore, how the problem gets solved?

The answer itself lies in re-framing this question.

Start thinking from this moment like ‘how do I solve the problem? Are there any ways to overcome test anxiety or depression?’ rather than ‘I am depressed what should I do?’

Once you change the question in your mind, 40% of the work is over because you’ve taken the matter in your own hands rather than leaving it to any angel. (Sorry! no offence against the angels)

#2 These Pictures will help

The image on the right shows the state of your mind when you are very depressed or worried or carried away.

Your composure gets scattered like the red dots in the image.

Now after following the tips in this post you can gradually bring your composure to something displayed in image on the left.

And, when you hang in there and repeat these steps for some time, you will achieve full composure displayed in image 3.

The reason I have put these 3 images here is, the next time you are tense then try to map your mind with these images and you will see an instant relief.

#3 Running

The period of examination is cruel and when combined with depression it becomes ruthless.

Under this test anxiety, life seems very difficult and when one has to study despite depression it is like a big iron ball kept on your head, you seem to do nothing, you can’t concentrate anywhere and opening a book for reading at this time doesn’t help either.

So what is required at this moment?

How to get rid of the giant iron ball kept on your head?

The answer is that the mind needs an activity which can outperform the heavy load prevailing in your mind which is better termed as depression.

Running is an activity which can totally bring the composure of your mind back. So, take a deep breath, put on your running shoes, leave everything aside and start running.

Run for a kilometer or a kilometer and a half and come back.

You will feel much more relaxed now and will be up for reading again.

The key here is to outperform the negative feeling which your mind is surrounded by ,so spending some time with your favorite game on Playstation can also work for you.

Or, if there is any other activity you know, which can keep your mind totally engaged at this hour then you can certainly pick it up.

#4 Affirmations

Most of the issue can be solved using the opening in the lower human face known as ‘mouth’.  There is a mantra which, if followed regularly, can do wonders to your personality.

So, do not underestimate the power of talking to yourself and repeat sentences such as ‘I am not depressed’, ‘I am a highly motivated person,’ I will finish this book in a snap’, ‘Reading is my thing’, or ‘I will perform amazingly well in my exams’ for overcoming exam anxiety.

It is up to you to decide which affirmations you choose.

Saying these affirmations to yourself for once or twice doesn’t help in most cases; you will have to repeat  several times to let them create a positive impact as repeating them transforms all the negativity around into positive energy.

Therefore believe in yourself and go ahead with the affirmations. The mental effects of depression can be unusual and dangerous; with time you can find yourself spiraling downward in the dark if you don't control it.

Not only you should practice affirmations during exams but everyday when you are doing some chore in which you don't require much focus.

#5 Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

A giant task of remembering answers of around 40 questions is in front of you; obviously, life will not seem easy at that time. But you have 2 choices at this moment either give up or stop worrying and get to work.

A key thing to note here is not to worry, because worry puts the mind in a deadlock and all the symptoms described above generate due to this deadlock. 

This deadlock will disturb your composure and cause panic and anxiety.

Once you restrict yourself from worrying, it is the time to set an alarm in your smartphone for 30 minutes and experiment how much you can read in those 30 minutes.

After the first 30 minutes are over, take a 5 minutes break to re-energize yourself and set the alarm again.

Keep doing this activity for the next 3 hours and you will observe a terrific improvement.

This is no rocket-science but you are breaking a big task into smaller pieces and finishing 1 at a time.

Pull yourself together and give this activity a shot and you will be totally surprised to see the increase in your self-confidence.

Remember, self-confidence is the king of all.

#6 Family and Friends to the rescue

In the case of being depressed, the mind requires consolations. Affirmations can play a vital role here but your family and friends can supplement it too.

Therefore, when you are feeling low call your mother or your sibling or your closest friend to come and sit with you in your room. If they are busy in their work then take the responsibility to go wherever they are.

The important thing to note here is you stay with anyone of the closest people in your life in the same room. Let them carry on with their work and you carry on with your own.

In a matter of minutes, you will feel the presence of courage and determination in yourself.

The presence of your loved ones can trigger the will to first fight the test anxiety, pick up the book again, finish the syllabus and score well in examinations.

#7 Stay disconnected
As a student, during exams, one has a tendency to know how much syllabus others have covered. 

Out of this feeling, instead of focusing on the studies at this critical period you call your colleagues to ask their coverage.

You need to know here that the world is very cruel and it may happen that your colleague may give you false information while hiding the original one.

In case if he/she tells you that his syllabus is almost over then you waste no time in turning nervous; but as stated above, this information could be false.

However it’s not your job at this moment or ever to verify this information, instead it would be better if you stayed disconnected from all the colleagues during this period.

However, you can of course stay in touch with the colleagues you trust a lot.

A similar thing happens in normal life too,a person gets depressed or feels low when his/her connected friends show how lavish, successful and happy life they are living by posting photos or updating status on social media.

But, it is very important to understand that each human being, currently breathing on earth, has his or her set of problems.

Keep in mind that you are not the only one chosen by God for problems.

Never fear because you are not indebted to anyone for anything and as a part of this activity here is one more affirmation for you “I was born free and I will live free”.


It is as easy to overcome exam anxiety and depression as reading this post from start to bottom.

Remember, you read this whole post because  you needed a solution to your problem and that is why, it’s you who will have to follow these steps.

Now the next time if your mind is clouded by test anxiety or depression, just look yourself in the mirror and ask "Can you get rid of depression ?".
Say 'yes' to yourself like a bunch of times and then start following these steps, you will definitely see the results.

Stick in if it doesn’t help initially because after 2 or 3 times it is guaranteed to help and restore your self-confidence.

I would also like to hear from you if any other technique you know that can help people solve this problem. Do you feel good after reading these tips? Or are these tips helping you if you have already started following them?

Even if you have scored well by following any one of these tips do let us know.

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