Saturday 25 March 2017

11 Little known mistakes that are pushing you towards sadness & frustration

Things that push you towards frustration
Do you often feel sad for no reason?

Do you believe sometimes that your fate is totally marked by rough patches at regular intervals?

Has frustration become a guest that visits you too often in your life?

The bitter truth of the world is that good times don’t last longer confirming the arrival of rough period.

But people overlook to focus on another entailing sweet truth, which is, that bad times last even shorter.

The above statement might conflict with your understanding and you must be feeling that bad times stay longer than good but that’s not true.

The difference lies in your Attitude. Your attitude decides the time period of your sorrows and grieves.

An interesting thing to note here is how you take your problems and troubles.

Every time you fall sick you seek to visit the doctor. Once you see the doctor you start feeling better because half of the problem is already over and rest of the job is taken care by the medicines.

Here is an analogy - when you are suffering from sadness or grief, you yourself are the doctor & medicine is the time. Once you realize this important fact then you yourself will be able to solve 100% of your problem in a very short time.

Ask yourself this question -
Does a rough patch totally resembles like a confinement to you or you see it as a passing disturbance?

I leave it to you to think it through and come up with an honest answer.

Coming back to the topic, have you ever felt as if something is pushing you towards sadness.
Have you ever tried to think what causes frustration inside your head?

Well, generally there are some petty reasons or worries which cause disheartening.
I am not saying every time but most of the time.

Most of the problems can be solved just by being aware of the reasons behind them  
So, in this post I will tell you the common mistakes which push you towards sadness and bring unwanted trouble in your life.

Let’s get started-

        1.   Allowing Social Media to impact your life

Image displaying what social media is all about

For a moment, just be honest with yourself.  Let go off whatever ego is there in the head and think.

Do you feel jealous when you see photos of your colleagues or friends enjoying or partying on your social media wall?

Or you feel a sense of inferiority when your immediate peer or friend travels to London for work?

I suppose that your answer will be ‘yes’. If the answer is ‘No’ then you are really phenomenal (No Sarcasm). This is a major factor that can cause immediate mood change.

Always remember, Social Media is there to help you to remain connect with others so don’t let it be a source of jealousy in you in anyway.  

       2.    External Competition harms your soul

Competition should make you better not a rival

Romeo and Juliet never knew the reason of their family feud. Even their parents were not fully aware of the reason of the feud.

A similar thing happens when we overly compete against someone else.

Competition is good but when it turns into a rivalry it pushes you away from your own goal and you start living someone else’s life.

Remember, the purpose of competition is to make yourself better rather than disrupting your life.

       3.   Not moving on

Another major mistake people make is that they                refuse to move on.

When a grey event happens in your life, you tend to stick to the same position in life.

This grey event can be anything like break-up with your beloved, failure in the exams or not receiving promotion at the desired time.

A simple fact that people forget is life is a gift and is all about moving ahead stepping over the sorrows of past.

       4.   Lack of Reading in  life

All the images containing text that people share on social media are read by millions of people daily.

At the same time, a perception gets formed in their minds that they are reading.

Honestly, this is not effective reading.  The horizon of reading is not limited to reading just 
3 lines of text in an image whose authenticity is not even verified.

Reading enlightens the mind, it enlightens the soul. It makes you happy, helps in regaining your composure and improves your grip on the language.

When you start feeling any one of the above advantages it means you are Reading.
        5.   Alcohol addiction is awful!

Alcohol takes you to a different world and you feel relaxed on losing your worries and sorrows, for the time being, receiving momentarily pleasure.

But, sincerely this raises a question on your ability to tackle your issues and not being capable of controlling yourself that is why you leave it to alcohol.

It is not bad to have alcohol may be once in a month just to have a good time with your friends or family but it’s addiction for relaxation can be a serious life crusher.

       6.  Grass is always greener on the other side.

Remember the time when you would give your 100% to evaluate and solve the questions in your math exam.

But in life we don’t do the same.

We devote a lot of our time to evaluating what the other person has, rather than acknowledging what we have.

This is a very well known fact yet we pay very little attention to it.

      7.   Having no goals of your own

Life is nothing without goals
You live in a world where people are driven by external competition instead of a constant desire to improve by competing with their own selves.

Due to this attitude, one often becomes part of a race, which in no way he/she belongs to, leaving his own journey.

Why does this happen?

It happens due to the absence of a goal and a strong desire to achieve it.

      8.     Nurturing Procrastination

How many times have you thought of playing that guitar lying in the corner of your room but couldn’t do it just because you have been stalling it since months?

Frustration generates when a task is pushed over and over to a later period of time.

Why? Because there was an innate desire to complete it but you killed it brutally.

Procrastination may bring relaxation at the moment but can become a big source of trouble in the long term.

Attitude develops when you take up the task and finish it rather than postponing it for no reason.  

If measured, all the influential leaders of the world had 0.0000001 % of procrastination. (A wild guess :D)

      9.   Never checking on the mess created around you.

             When you are not into planning and performing, mess gets created.

             Suppose, for the day, you plan a bunch of activities for yourself but refuse to take the pain              of jotting them down in a piece of paper and setting the priorities.
             I bet, you will find yourself in a mess because you will forget most of them.

             Being unorganized is like being untidy. Both are sources of negativity.

             You won’t realize but it pushes you miles away from completing what is necessary to                         achieve your goals.

      10.  Are you killing the balance?

Maintain balance in everything
Doesn’t matter if you are driven by the rage to become a multi-millionaire but if you don’t have even 2 hours a day for your family then the worth of your goal reduces by each day.

Maintaining balance is important.

Of course, you can’t keep everyone happy but nobody is asking you to do that. Your ability to decide priorities plays a pivotal role here.

As a student, if you dedicate all your time to studies and nothing to sports or other social activities then you are killing the balance and paving a way towards unnecessary sadness. 

Remember, vice versa is also not right.

      11.  Finding hard to digest secrets

21st century doesn’t allow the people, who are open books, to survive. I mentioned 21st century because I didn’t exist before J

never reveal all your secrets

When you feel pain you seek somebody with whom you can share it. The moment you find someone you take out everything in front of him/her never realizing you are revealing away your strengths and weaknesses too.

Very less you will get a real helping hand from someone or a genuine tap on the back with words like ‘everything is going to be fine’.

It would be in the best interest of you if some secrets including yours and of people around you are not revealed to this world.

If keeping secrets causes you indigestion then please get over it.

Wrap Up

So, finally the time has come to acknowledge what you have, strive to achieve what you want and stop grieving on what you don’t have.

The line above doesn’t make sense?  No problem check out the below example.

If you have a great family but don’t have a job, acknowledge the fact that you have a great family, strive hard to get a job but don’t complain about not having a job.

May be it is the time to think over what life offers on a regular basis rather than being frustrated or sad for no reason.

Have you been unintentionally making any of the above mentioned mistakes?

Will you choose happiness over frustration and sadness and make an effort to change your mindset?

Would you like to share any other mistake, you know, that often pushes people towards sadness?

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  1. Your 11 strategies look quite promising to me...I am going to attempt a few of them for sure. Let's see how the results turn out.

  2. Very informative. I think Comparison has a lot to do with it as well. Particularly in this age of social media! Well written.

  3. I would agree on most of the insights shared in the blog. Strange it may sound but everyone knows the right way and we often need a buzz to realise it. To practise reading a book and then making it a habit can make you the whistleblower for yourself. You can read books, love books, share books but definitely you cannot ignore them....Share books share happiness!!!!!

  4. Pretty amazing and elaborate ready reckoner for people across all age group... depression is something which is engulfing more and more people into its fold... all one needs is to go through this list and just follow a couple of advices if not more and im sure it will open the key to a better and happier living.. kudos to the author for capturing these nuggets of wisdom succinctly...